Why lie, am I in fear of my self?
When all around me crumbles left and right.

Like victims breeding, they just keep screaming,
"I'm powerless, would somebody help me?"
"I'm so bruised, born confused, it's not my fault society conceived me."
They don't know how to think, they just think we owe them something.
They breed like rats, like diplomats, they leech us dry when we're not looking.

We need a knife to cut them off.
We need a knife to rip them out.

Bishops prodding little boys while dishing shame for mild transgressions.
Say Jesus teaches us to give, please bring your wallet to confession.
Welfare state just makes me hate, I want to burn blood sucking leeches.
The stupid scum are breeding fast, death's the cure meant for these feces.

Now life is worthless, my rights are worth less
You must think you're civilized until you look into my eyes and know you feel the things that I feel.

I'd put you in the electric chair or pull the plug 'cause I don't care, You can't kill what isn't really real.

Elvis died southern pride, Kurt Cobain and suicide...
Pat Buchanan, I don't care, abort Christ's fetus, rip and tear.
Double vision, voter madness, change the mood from glad to sadness.
Kill the Nazi and the crew and screw the goddamn rest of you!

I need a blade to make it stop.
I need a blade, please make it stop...