We were fine in the hungry times, biding time, current passed us by
We held the line to the social chains
We held the reins
To the coldness in my heart... full of rape and steal
I did my part, tried to forge what's real
No special claims, just trying to hold the line
To pull a smile from the child behind these eyes

One heart leads to the strangest of pain
Things I'll never feel again
Holy moments of my soul
Close the moments as I grow old
Change is a waste of time. One heart hardened by the ties that bind
Heart strings so mis-strung
Feel the pain to regain the memories
of what's undone

...or you must pay the price
Hold on tight, courage reigns tonight
To make it right, we just fix our sights
Hold on. The currents pass us by
'cause fear must cease tonight
With open eyes, we must see the right
You hold your tide, if currents pass you by

Believe your right to hold yourself up high