Jesus Bombay

Day and night, each slips on by, the sun and moon,
Each a part to the same, both in tune.
Each a part of us, we must not forsake, one mask , one shield,
Together they bind a life, one gives as one must take...

...Away, to drift and dream, you rest your mind, embrace the dream.
But it's a masquerade, and I've watched you break.
This cruel facade, it can't protect me from these things you take away.

Take away both my mask and shield. Tear way,
Give me strength for the course revealed.
Build me up, keep the funeral pyres at bay.
Set me free, set me free, let me be, let me come alive, come alive.

Death or survival, become your own rival.
You grab hold of something, anything hoping...
...Today's the tomorrow of yesterday's sorrow,
Just grab hold of something, anything, someone.
Eclipse to change, rearrange what you had begun.
Eclipse to change, rearrange, rearrange, rearrange...

Rag tied and holding on

Hands tied, you're lying to yourself.