Forms Currents

Winter come
And summer go.
Seasons pass like the people I know.
Of these things past I block the pain,
Find myself praying for rain...

...Washes over me, shield my eyes, afraid to see.
Covered mouth, why I can't say. Covered ears so I've...

...Erased these things inside of me.
I've let them go or they're buried deep.
So seasons come and the seasons pass,
Leave me with questions I'm afraid to ask.

Why summer's warmth rings so untrue.
There's ice inside of the color "sky blue."
I like the darkness of winter and the cold instead.
Buried memories, buried memories in my head.

...Watching over me. Shield my eyes, afraid to see.
Covered my mouth, why I just can't say, covered ears so I can...

Bury, Bury, Bury, Buried

I cannot stand the sight or sound
And I can't accept what I have found,
But some things are best kept locked away...
...Hidden far from the light of day.

Buried, buried, buried memories.
Bury me
Bury me
Bury me.......