Head hung low and down, arms spread wide.
Beneath, your feet are crossed, you fool you tried.
You lie awake at night with opened eyes.
The bed sheets soaked in sweat, but it's no surprise.

Bet they caught you in the middle of a stop and run.
But you could have been a winner if you had only rung.
Bet you never would've figured you would wind up here.
Somewhere between out of luck and full of fear.

If you died tonight, what would you leave behind you?
A blur or drunken mess? Some quest for the blind?
But if you live, what will you do?
Is there anything left for the...

...Runner on the river better tow that line.
Taking on water running slowly out of time.
To late to sink or swim, you know
The end is coming up... fast!

I opened my eyes, too bitter to see,
To dry these tears and to cleanse my soul.
I opened my heart, too bitter to feel,
To bury this weight inside of me.
I opened my arms, though out of reach,
I tried to grasp what I failed to see.
I raised up my head, which once hung low,
To bare this path which I must go...