Black Tetra Sacrament

Awake, arise, hold your line...

You've got a weight that talks with you I know.
You carry this weight on your own.
But if I could smile and lift this weight from you on my own
You know that I would.
I carried that weight long ago and I know...

Reason slips away, turns to laughter.
Head twists and shakes, mumbling chatter'
Voices push and pull fill your cluttered mind

Drugs seem to calm but you're not there.
You're going wrong but you can't care,
No where to turn but for you to turn down.

Controlled but alive, with these voices deep inside.

Let me go, let me be, me wash myself free
To the depths of my soul.
Let me wrong, let me right, give me trial by fire,
Take me places I never could go.
Take me in, push me out, let me break myself down to the core of my being.
Let me feel the sunshine on my face one more day.

Black Tetra save my soul, yellow sacrament control,
No peace fulfilling me but alive.

I find it hard to breathe, in that it's somehow killing me,
I'm crashing by design... maligned.