For You I Worship

We'd build a fire, warm the fresh kill, settle in our cave
Till the soil, hunt in the wild, spear fish in the rocks and play
We'd pass down the timeline neat tricks and sounds as we struggled
To our graves
We'd fuck and we'd nurture through seasons to culture with
No thought to time or day
We'd fight and we'd struggle through bright days and trouble
To the games and the wars we staged... heaven was nowhere
We'd cling to our lives, try to survive, think back to the days we
Lives of stain

Now I feel, nothing is real
Plastic lives, the media sells the lie
Mortgaged brains, the future is pre-deranged

Cannot live my life tonight, drank a whole lot of poison and
I don't feel right
How I'm feeling, just not able to say, can't explain the reasons
I feel this way

Realize... I just can't live tonight

The wheels of future continue turning, lead our hearts astray
Goodness or evil, the choices of trouble, welcome to today
Believe I live in the eye of the madness, kindness is estranged
It's cold inside, it's cold and sad, this world has lost its' way - what a shame

Up-down-over-around-in and out I'm torn and frayed
Plastic lives, plastic lies, plastic eyes with nothing to say

I cannot live my life to night, I cannot lead my lie tonight
I cannot leave, no end in sight, I cannot live my life tonight

We'd build a fire, warm the fresh kill
As we struggled to our graves